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How to perfect this season’s sparkling trend : The ‘Glitter Parting’

Glitter: the best way to dress up any part of the body with any outfit for any event.

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This season’s biggest trend using glitter has got to be the glitter parting. With girls at festivals going mad for this creative but simple to create trend. They are a great way to jazz up your outfit, hair do and also hid any unwanted roots creeping through when you really don’t need them too.

wish glitter roots parting
Credit Wish upon a sparkle

Step One- Part your hair

To do this use a sharp tail comb where you would like your parting to go and glitter to be placed. Remember – you can create a variety of different partings these days – side, centre, zig zag, wavy etc.

Step Two- Apply your glitter

There are a number of ways you can apply your glitter for a glitter parting…

You can apply using a glitter eyeliner product directly onto the hairline, however, this is incredibly time consuming but for those who only want a subtle glitter look this would be an easy application. On the other hand, for those who would like a more dramatic glitter look you will need hair gel, your favourite loose cosmetic glitter product and a palette to mix the two together.

wish glitter roots parting
Credit Wish upon a sparkle

The easiest way to do this would be to use a makeup spatula however, you can simply use a plastic knife as this would also work. Take a small amount of glue along with a small amount of glitter and mix the two together. Apply about an inch either side of the parting, but don’t worry about being too precise. Be sure to cover both sides of the parting and some at the back of the parting, too. Make sure you’re using a professional glitter face/body glitter, as craft glitter can cause irritation.

Now you should have the perfect glitter parting applying as much or as little glitter as you wish.

wish glitter roots parting
Credit Wish upon a sparkle

Step Three- To remove

Before wetting or shampooing your hair, remove as much access glitter as possible with a baby wipe. This will be a good method if you have used quite large, loose glitter as it will loosen it a lot more before wetting. Once having done this wet hair and shampoo at least twice to ensure you remove all glitter still remaining in your hair. Make sure after each time you shampoo you also condition your hair as this will help remove any stubborn bits of glitter that don’t want to leave this festival season.

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