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Top 30 Inspirational Ways Of Dying Half And Half Hair

The most colourful ideas for your next big hair change


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What is it exactly that makes you lose control when you see such colourful hair photos? Why do you start seeing yourself with the same colourful, vivid hair? And what if you decide to go for it: where should you start? You will find all the answers here with us today!

How to pick the best colour combination?

There are plenty of rules on navigating the colour palette and using it for your particular skin tone and eye colour. However, we want to talk about something different here. Have you heard of scheme colours as triadic, monochromatic, or complementary? If yes, the essential part of the job is done! 

While it might be beneficial to use soft autumn or cool winter palettes for a regular hair colour dying, there are different rules with the half and half hair colours. Nothing is too complicated, but when picking the tones for half and half hair, don’t forget to open at least one of the seven colour schemes and check if the selected colours are 100% matching and complementing each other. Also, keep in mind that they will wash off with some time, so pick the colours that would not blacken or muffle each other.

How to take care of half and half dyed hair?

The most crucial part of choosing a half and half colouring scheme is understanding the importance of using specific products to keep up the intensity of the colours. No magic product would work for each hair type and colour.

So when you’re picking the shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in mask, pay attention to the pigments that those products have and the number of sulphates, ammonium chloride and glycol. There are vital ingredients that can help or damage intensely colourful hair. 

How to style half and half coloured hair?

You can be sure you will have enormous styling options with the half and half hair, whether it’s died vertically, horizontally or in under-layers! From the textured beach waves to the soft and glamorous Hollywood curls, from messy half-up side buns to an elegant, sophisticated braiding or a casual ponytail – half and half hair give you true freedom to your styling imagination.

Let’s dive in and discover your unique way to transform your hair!