Trendy but quick hairstyles for weekday mornings.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your hair during the school week, you may be tempted to stick with your go-to style or even forgo styling altogether. However, you can achieve many of 2018’s popular hairstyles with just a few minutes in front of the mirror. These styles can add variety to your repertoire and some can be combined for a bigger, bolder look.

These simple, trendy hairstyles will work for any teenage girl on a lazy weekday morning:
Beyonce Center Part hairstyle
Center Part

A center part is an easy, trendy style that will highlight your face. It’s also incredibly versatile – center parts can be worn up or down and are flattering for all face shapes and hair types.

Beyonce, DFree /
Bella Hadid Sleek, High Ponytail
Sleek, High Ponytail

Though ponytails are most commonly found at the gym, stars like Bella Hadid and Rihanna have elevated this easy updo to a huge trend. These tips and products help get rid of frizz and knots; you want your hair to be smooth, shiny, and tangle-free before styling.

Bella Hadid, Twocoms /
Lea Michele Messy Braid
Messy Braid

Though tight braids are a popular style for little girls, a messy braid is more relaxed, on-trend, and mature. Messy braids are great for lazy mornings – second day hair and dry shampoo will give your hair extra grip and help hold your braid together.

Bella Hadid, Jaguar PS /
Ashley Benson Deep Side Part
Deep Side Part

A deep side part will help your makeup pop. Part your hair at the highest point of the arch of your eyebrow to achieve this look. For extra wow-factor, tuck your hair behind your ear to draw attention to your face.

Ashley Benson, Kathy Hutchins /
Zendaya Voluminous Curls
Voluminous Curls

Retro-inspired curly hair with extra volume is popular this season. Whether you’ve got a trusted curling wand or need some help with your natural curls, don’t be afraid to go big!

Zendaya, Kathy Hutchins /
Selena Gomez Medium Length Hairstyle
Selena Gomez's Dyed Blonde

Blondes have more fun, so take a page out of Selena Gomez’s book and dye your hair an ashy blonde! Don’t hesitate to let your roots grow out; the gradual transition from dark to light hair will help the blonde color look more natural.

DFree /
Heavy Mohawk
Heavy Mohawk

If your style seems to be casually inspired by Rock n’ Roll, this look will definitely put you in the spotlight! Notice that to give the heavy mohawk a dramatic flair the sides have been braided. Add some strong hold hairspray as a finishing touch and you’ll be ready to rock your way through the day.

YuliyaFM /
Jenna Dewan’s High Ponytail
Jenna Dewan's High Ponytail

A high ponytail is perfect for those mornings when you hit the snooze button one too many times. It takes minimal effort and you can choose for a more relaxed look by letting a few locks frame your face.

Kathy Hutchins /
Blake Lively’s Polished Beach Hair_
Blake Lively's Polished Beach Hair

Blake Lively is the queen of achieving just the right balance between messy and put-together when it comes to her hair. Use a 2” or larger curling iron to create waves at the ends of your hair, but leave the hair on top of your head smooth and straight.

Everett Collection /
Straight Bob with Fringe_
Straight Bob with Fringe

Bangs of any kind will almost always need some styling in the morning. Grab a flattening iron and run it over all your hair, from roots to ends. It’s a quick and easy look to achieve, even when you’re rushed in the morning.

lookstudio /
Miley Cyrus’s Blow Out Shag
Miley Cyrus' Blow Out Shag

Miley Cyrus’ shag is all about one thing: volume. Break out your trusty hair dry to create a perfectly bouncy blow out before you head out for the day. Be sure to use a heat-protecting spray to keep your hair sleek and shiny during styling.

Kathy Hutchins /
Shay Mitchell’s Signature Beach Waves_
Shay Mitchell's Signature Beach Waves

Shay Mitchell’s waves are laid-back and casual. Use an iron to curl your hair loosely away from your face. There’s no need for the curls to be uniform; for this beachy look, messier is better.

Kathy Hutchins /
Tight French Braid_
Tight French Braid

Braids are an incredibly simple way to tame your locks even on your worst hair days. Brush it so it’s free of knots, then French braid from roots to ends. Best of all, if you use a small amount of product or braid your hair while it’s slightly damp, you can rock natural waves the following day.

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Sarah Hyland’s Long Bob with Side Part
Sarah Hyland's Long Bob with Side Part

Side parts are universally flattering, regardless of the shape of your face, and work incredibly well with a long bob. While your hair is wet, use a comb to create the part you want, then style as desired.

DFree /
Zendaya’s Messy Bun_
Zendaya's Messy Bun

For busy mornings, no style beats the messy bun. Gather your hair into a bun that sits on top of your head. Be sure to let some pieces frame your face, as Zendaya has done, to keep the look casual.

Tinseltown /
Emma Stone’s Blonde Shag
Emma Stone's Blonde Shag

An icy blonde, like Emma Stone’s color, takes a shag hairstyle to the next level. Use a curling iron to quickly add dimension and body to your look.

Tinseltown /
Debby Ryan’s Auburn Locks and Long Fringe_
Debby Ryan's Auburn Locks and Long Fringe

Follow Debby Ryan’s lead and embrace the contrast between straightened bangs and long, wavy tresses. To save time in the morning, curl your hair the night before and leave it in a loose ponytail while you sleep. When you wake up, all you have to do is go!

s_bukley /
Katy Perry’s Blonde Undercut and Fringe_
Katy Perry's Blonde Undercut and Fringe

Short haircuts are great because they require minimal effort and styling. For a twist on a traditional pixie cut, add a fringe or undercut to your short style like Katy Perry.

Tinseltown /
Lily Collin’s long Brunette Lowlights
Lily Collin's long Brunette Lowlights

Changing your color is a great way to have fun with your look. For something simple and subtle, try adding some lowlights to your locks. Loose, bouncy curls are a great way to show them off!

Featureflash Photo Agency /
Dark Roots and Blonde High Lights
Dark Roots and Blonde High Lights

If you want to go blond, but don’t want to bleach your entire head, add some blonde highlights to your dark hair. You can either keep them up, let them grow out, or decide to take the plunge if you really like the color.

lookstudio /
Rebecca Black’s Warm Balayage
Rebecca Black's Warm Balayage

Balayage has been one of the most popular and trendy coloring methods this year. They are a great, low-maintenance option that is perfect for any busy teen because they require less upkeep than traditional highlights.

Kathy Hutchins /
Katherine Langford’s Side Swept Relaxed Curls_
Katherine Langford's Side-Swept Relaxed Curls

To feel like a movie star for the day, get some inspiration from Katherine Langford. Part your hair to the side and then curl it however you like. While you may opt for a small curling iron, you can also achieve similar curls by braiding your hair overnight.

Eugene+Powers /
Braided Sides and Bun_
Braided Sides and Bun

Braids and buns are every lazy or busy girl’s dream hairstyle, so why not combine them into one? Start by gathering most of your hair into a messy bun but leave some of it on one (or both) side of your head. Then, take the remaining hair and braid it however you like, taking care to pin it back by the bun.

belchonock /
Chloe Moretz’ Angular Bob
Chloe Moretz' Angular Bob

Don’t be afraid to chop it off! Teenage years are meant to be filled with new adventures and experiences. Being constantly on the go can make your hairstyle a hassle to manage, but the angular bob is a great option to save time in front of the mirror.

DFree /
Yara Shahidi’s Curly Fringe and Bun
Yara Shahidi's Curly Fringe and Bun

Flaunt your natural hair texture with these curly bangs! Most of us panic a little when thinking about getting bangs because of the amount of time and effort they take to maintain, but if you got luscious curls like Yara Shahidi, why not copy this gorgeously chic style?

Tinseltown /
Kat Dennings’ Natural Waves in Deep Brown
Kat Dennings' Natural Waves in Deep Brown

Give carefree a go, and rock a tousled texture on your next outing! To achieve this look all you need to do is apply a light amount of hair styling mousse to your locks and you’ll be ready to go.

Tinseltown /
Double Trouble Buns
Double Trouble Buns

Geeky is the new cool. Channel your inner Princess Leia with this double bun hairstyle to keep your style playful and chic. For this hairstyle, you might want to look into bun stylers to help you achieve the perfect form. Comb a middle part to separate equally your hair, and do as you would proceed to create a classic bun, placing them at the top sides of your head. For a change of pace, experiment situating the buns behind your ears.

Ahmed+Mohamed+Ali+Eliwa /
Jourdan Dunn’s Princess Half-Up
Jourdan Dunn's Princess Half-Up

A low placed half-up look will give any outfit a classic turn. This stylish, yet versatile hairstyle is one of the easiest ones to pull off, you can part your hair in the middle to accentuate all of your best features, or to the side and follow a more romantic groove.

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Brown to Blonde Highlights in a Bun
Brown to Blonde Highlights in a Bun

Highlights look especially cute when pinned up in a huge bun. This is a look that can go from sleek and professional to playful and carefree in a matter of seconds, all you need to do to achieve this easy-going look is leave a couple of strands out. Easy peasy!

Alones /
Ciara’s 90s Inspired Half-Up
Ciara's 90s Inspired Half-Up

These days it’s all about the throwbacks! A very high half-up will have you giving out major 90’s vibes, pair it up with a cool graphic tee and some statement sunglasses and you’ll look picture perfect for a chill weekend.

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Amber Heard’s Top Knot
Amber Heard's Top Knot

Buns are not the only way to keep your hair off your face. Add a top knot and make any outfit look extra cute and modern. Accessorize it well to fit your own personal style and voila! You’re looking fabulous!

Andrea Raffin /
Vanessa Hudgens’ Messy Double Buns
Vanessa Hudgens' Messy Double Buns

Here at Haircuts Inspiration, we think the double bun style is one of the most fun trends making their way back to us. Take a page from Vanessa Hudgens’ book and instead of having two neat buns go crazy and experiment to find which ones are your favorite messy buns, here she simply left them with an unfinished wrap, and they look amazing on her!

presslinephotos /
Ariel Winter’s Voluminous Half-Up
Ariel Winter's Voluminous Half-Up
presslinephotos /
Playful Afro
Playful Afro
Svetlana+Sokolova27 /
Teresa Palmer’s Mid Part Ponytail
Teresa Palmer's Mid Part Ponytail
Tinseltown /
Chiara Ferragni’s Casual Ponytail
Chiara Ferragni's Face Framing Ponytail
sama_ja /
Cara Delevigne’s Sleek Top Bun
Cara Delevigne's Sleek Top Bun
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Danielle Jonas’ Medium Layers
Danielle Jonas' Medium Layers
scarletsails /
Maisie Williams’ Side Swept Bob
Maisie Williams' Side Swept Bob
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Sophie Turner’s Puffy Braid Crown
Sophie Turner's Puffy Braid Crown
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Taylor Swift's Edgy Shag
pstafford /
Bryce Dallas’ Princess Jasmine Do’ with U Shaped Bangs
Bryce Dallas' Princess Jasmine Do' with U Shaped Bangs
Kathy Hutchins /
Felicity Jones’s Chilled Bush-Back
Felicity Jones's Chilled Bush-Back
pstafford /
Clémence Poésy’s Low Messy Ponytail
Clémence Poésy's Low Messy Ponytail
chinellatophoto /
Braid Crown
Braid Crown
AG+Creative+Lab /