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7 The Best Men’s Hair Highlights In Fashion Now

Add some color to your style


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Men’s hair highlights have recently made something of a comeback. Lots of men are now choosing highlights as a stylish option that offers something different and unique. But when it comes to highlights, you want to make sure you have a look that works, so we’ve gathered some of our favorite highlight styles for your viewing pleasure.

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Highlighted Textured Crop & Disconnected Temple Fade

Highlights also work great with shorter styles. Here’s a dyed French crop that emphasizes the contrast between the colors and makes the haircut stand out.

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Side-Swept Fringe and Ash Highlights

While you might think of highlights as bold and colorful, sometimes they simply add accents to the hair. These ashen highlights are an excellent example of this. They’re not noticeable unless you’re looking for them, yet they add a touch of flair.

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Light Brown Highlights

These light brown highlights are a bit more noticeable, but they don’t distract from the hairstyle itself. Instead, they complement the hair’s distinct waves and its light, airy texture.

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Front Lights

Most highlight hairstyles involve highlighting most or all of the hair, but you can also highlight just the front of your hair. This gives the hair a one-of-a-kind appearance. Here the highlights emphasize the quiff’s wavy strands.

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Blonde Quiff

Another approach to front-dyed hair, these quiff highlights are bold and outgoing. The quiff already has a ton of volume, so when you add highlights, you get an absolute eye-catcher.

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Ombre Highlights and Undercut

You can also go for an ombre look, which refers to the gradual blending of hair colors. This blends the colors more evenly, resulting in a smooth style.

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Messy Highlighted Top Knot

An uncommon yet unique style, this top knot haircut dyes the knot itself, leaving the rest of the hair natural. This makes the knot pop from the head like no other style can.