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Empowering Women: 7 Reasons to Get a Short Haircut

Be bold and take the plunge

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For many women, having long hair is a natural way of life. For others, they might want to go shorter, but are afraid or unsure about the commitment. If you’ve been thinking about taking more than a couple inches off, but are hesitant to cut your hair, don’t let fear guide your decision! Read on for some reasons to be bold and take the plunge:

New Year, New You

It’s still early enough in 2018 to commit to a new look. A new year signals a fresh start, as does cutting your hair. Embrace the New Year and shape it to your goals and needs, starting with your hairstyle.

Others’ Expectations

Studies have shown that men find women with long hair more attractive than their short-haired counterparts. My own mother has warned me that men don’t like short hair on women. However, she followed up with, “But that doesn’t matter. I’m going to go short because I want to, and I don’t care what anyone thinks.”

In this case, mother knows best. You shouldn’t let others’ expectations define what you do with your hair. After all, it’s your hair. You’re the person who has to take care of it. If you want to do something different, do it! You’ll bring yourself joy every time you see your reflection.

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For Your Mental Health

Though people may mock the “ugly breakup haircut”, making a drastic change in your appearance is a cathartic experience. If you recently lost your job or ended a romantic relationship, you can take control and symbolically let go of the negativity bringing you down by cutting your hair.

Get to Know Yourself

Try a short hairstyle to learn something new about yourself. See how you react to changes in your life, such as how your confidence changes and how your style transforms. You’ll have to learn some new tricks to keep up your new ‘do, like how to shave so you can do your own touch ups (hello, sideburns!), but you’ll just be adding to your skillset.

Allow yourself the chance to change and grow! You don’t have to do something crazy to get to know yourself a little bit better, and you never know what could end up feeling right until you try it.

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If You Can’t Dye It

If you need to switch up your look, but dyeing your hair isn’t an option, shortening your hair is the way to go! Whether your job prohibits dyed hair or you’re allergic to dye, you can still satisfy the need to change your appearance by going shorter.

Show Your Face

Long hair is easy to hide behind, but once it’s gone, your face is visible for the world to see. Greet the world confidently with that edgy pixie cut you’ve been dying to get.

With super short hair, you have a new chance to show off your style. No one will be distracted by what’s going on with your hair. Whether that’s having an edgier look to match your new ‘do or showcasing favorite pieces of your wardrobe, jump on the chance to express yourself.

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Save Time on Styling

We’ve all been there. You’re supposed to be at work or an appointment in ten minutes, you haven’t even left your house yet, and your hair is a complete disaster.

Long hair can take a long time to dry and style, but with short hair, you can achieve the desired result with less time. It will require some styling, and the occasional on-the-go fix, but it’s faster to tame than long locks.

As an added bonus, you won’t go through products as quickly since you have less hair to put them in.


At the end of the day, whatever you choose to do with your hair, it’s just that: hair. If you go from long to short, it will grow back. You can try different methods to make it grow faster, but just as you shouldn’t let others define your looks, try not to let your looks define you.

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