Get on that Tik Tok eBoy Hairstyle – Rising Teenage Trend

Straight from 90's, let's update the retro look, shall we?


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We all remember those days when that cheeky middle part would make jaws drop, and that curtain haircut would make its way to the red carpet. Well, seems like those hair trends have been making a comeback but it is not as easy as you think. Since it is 2021, those hairstyles have been upgraded to a modern look and adopted by teens lately.

This trend has been spotted on a popular platform “Tik Tok” where we see teens parting their hair but infusing new trends like a bowl cut and sometimes quite thin texture. The sides have been noticed to be trimmed a bit so that fluff is reduced as these days the trend is to keep it quite sleek and chiseled.

If you are looking for a cheeky eBoy Haircut then you are at the right spot as we have assembled few styles for you. One thing that you will have to note is that to let your hair grow first to a slightly longer side of the spectrum which then can be styled to your choice of preferred eBoy look. Remember there is no limit to innovation.

With all of that being said, let’s see few inspirations below to get your eBoy journey started!

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