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30 Quick and Easy Updo Ideas for Formal Events

Let's pin that hair up and turn up the elegance meter


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The 1920s’ was the era of short hair and be it Hollywood or anywhere else, short hair was in the talks. That being said, it was when hairspray hit the market there were waves of innovative hairstyles that hit the trend.

Updo hairstyle is one of the many that became the next big thing, updo is a hairstyle with hair out of the face and tied up in the back so that it doesn’t fall off. That was a brief about the concept of updo, but it goes deeper than that. A lot of variations have been made to the original look with the different parting of the hair, different ways to tie it up, and much more.

We see up-do hairstyles mostly in events like weddings, formal gatherings, and of course, the red carpet! The whole vibe of up-do hair is quite formal but that being said once in a while it can look casual. Depending on how one’s tied up the hair it tells a lot about the approach and the tone of the overall hairstyle.

From Jennifer Aniston to Meghan Markle, we have compiled all sorts of updo hair that will give you enough inspiration to rock one for yourself.

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Taylor Swift's Bangs Updo

Taylor Swift is quite swift when it comes to hairstyles, this version of updo is quite cutesy as it features thin bangs at the front. The silky texture of hair makes it possible whereas the back of the hair is all collected and tied.

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Meghan Markle's Casual yet Royal Updo

When does Meghan Markle not look royal? This look is an easy updo style done by pushing hair on the top back and dividing the front into two halves. Usually one can fringe these strands but she tucked it behind the ear. That is another layer of elegance.

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Allison Williams's Side Parted Volume

If we’re talking easy updo then this has to be on the list no doubt. The key here is to include a subtle side part that pushes most of the volume on the side which can then be tucked so as to tie it all at the back. Don’t forget to keep it slightly frizzy!

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Daisy Fuentes with that Crown Bun

Crown buns are nothing but pure panache and they make the whole style look quite an easy and elegant fix for an updo. The key is to pull all the hair at the back with minimum fluff on the top. The noticeable thing is to dye the highlights of the bun strands.

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Mila Kunis with Casual Flat Top Updo

One of the most minimalist take on an updo. This is the one is you’re on the hunt for an easy one. The key here is to push back all the hair while keeping the bun on the back quite casual and frizzy. This look makes sure that the top and the sides are in check.

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Angelina Jolie's Ear Tuck Side Part

Ear tucked side parts are highly underrated. They can help distribute the volume on the side just like this where an offset middle part helps turn the fringe on the side. The rest of the hair is pulled back to tie a lower bun that brings everything together.

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Lady Gaga Layering that Chignon

Yes, this is easy to updo to style. Part it on the side with two layers and let them fall on top of each other. The key is to keep volume. Next, pus all the hair to the back, and boom, there we go! Thank you, Lady Gaga.

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Tessa Thompson's Bow Tie Bun Updo

Another take on a chill bun updo is stylizing the bun itself. Here we see Tessa keeping the volume very thin and the middle part that helps the look being organized. The tie bun at the back is basically ball braids being pulled apart and tied in an upward motion.

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Selena Gomez Parting it in the Middle for the Bun

One of the most if not the easiest updo in the market. All you have to do is to pull all the hair back after parting it in the middle. Stretch it as much as one can that feels comfortable. Then bun all that hair to the back.

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Jennifer Lawrence with That Rounded Back Bun

Using an inward round bun helps to pull the volume on the back without making too much noise. This one pulls the volume from the top and sides to the back with the front being middle-parted enables having two fringes hanging in there with short length and semi wave texture.

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Demi Lovato's Casually Waved Push Back

Is there any other easy updo than this? Probably not, the wavy texture of the hair comes naturally with the look. The key here is to push it all to the back with equal volume distribution. It is not very flat some a slim puff makes it look fuller. The best part is the dye that highlights few strands.

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Sophie Turner's Ginger Braided Updo

One of the ways to rock an easy updo is to braid a good amount of hair, to begin with. Then using that braid to manage most of the rest of the hair. The rest of the hair can be pushed back or as it is done on here, it is swept to the side with a slight fringe on the forehead.

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Gwen Stefani with That Swirled Updo Hair

One of the unique updos we’ve seen in a long while. This one is a show-stopper for sure but easier than you think. Have enough volume for that swirl on the top and pull rest to the back which you can tie up. The hair on the front needs to be roped and twirled tightly, then tuck in the hair. As easy as 1..2..3

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Zendaya's Japanese Bun Look

Japanese buns are the ones with a bun on the top and the rest of the hair kept flat. Here Zendaya does just the same pulling off a very neat updo hairstyle which is easy to rock. One has to use hair products to keep it in place.

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Holland Roden Bunning the Back

An easy updo is defined when a hairstyle takes less effort and stays in place for long hours. This is the one qualifying for the same. All the hair is pulled back with a bun at the back so that everything stays in place. The hair is not fluffed at all for that flat look.

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Halle Berry Featuring Afro Bun

Thin hair especially when afro-textured is such a bliss. This one is quite a simple approach to the original updo where less is more. Note that rusty brown dye on the bun is what makes look quite elegant. Remember to tie all the hair on the top and the sides.

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Cardi B Likes it Like That

Well, this updo looks complicated but it ain’t. The recipe is quite simple. Start with the hair on the top and pull it back with retaining some bulge so that volume stays. Next, side part on the front so as to fringe is on either sides. Lastly, flatten those fringes by using some hairspray.

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Kaley Cuoco's Mohawk Inspired Updo Hairstyle

The law says that, puff the top and push the sides. That summarizes this look by Cuoco. Make sure to puff the top so when you push it back it needs to be puffed while the sides can be used tightly. This look is suitable for anyone with a long yet fuller face.

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Emilia Clarke's Fringed Thin Updo

Friz is something that is new to the updo hairstyle world. The key is to push it all back with an offset middle part that helps with the semi waved strand to fall off quite neatly. Lastly, have overall loose strands so that it looks natural and too perfect.

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Scarlett Johansson Fluffing it Right

Is there any other updo that is as easy as this yet looks so stylish? I guess not. The key is to push it all back with a hand brush pattern which makes it look layered while it is just pushed back in a neat way. Next, use some hair spray so that it stays this neat all the time.

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Millie Braiding It Neat with Tie Up

A very new attempt on an updo which is also easy to rock in spite of looking complex. The key is to braid a few strands altogether with a splash of blonde dye so that it pops. Next, pull all those strands up and tie them up on the top with a frizzy knot. Here’s a new updo for you!

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Kim K Puffing that Updo

Volume is one of the important aspects of an updo. The key is to fluff it right and keeps it slim at the right spot. The middle-parted fringed top is something to long for. Next, the fluff on the head is something that makes this puff special. keep it tied on the back with the front kept frizzy.

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Emma Watson's Curled Updo Look

Who says curls and straight hair cannot be friends? We see Emma here mixing both the textures up to get this neat yet quite an easy updo style. The key is to push it all back and then tie it up. It doesn’t end there, the last step is to pull out strands to fall on the forehead.

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Katy Perry All Dolled Up

This hairstyle is one of the neatest take on updo hairstyle The top is all tight and pushed back look closely you’ll see a layered puff which is all slim with all the volume pushed back and then tied. The volume on the back is all kept open with burgundy dye.

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Jessica's Mid Fringed Thick Updo

If you notice closely, the hairstyle supports the face shape and it works hand in hand. The face is on the longer spectrum with hairstyle being similar. The mind parted fringe puts volume on the sides with hair being long towards the top and the bun being casual also adds the volume.

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Jessica Alba Rocking that Pushed Back Slim Puff

So you are looking for an updo that is easier to rock and doesn’t;t fall out? Well, you’re at the right spot. Jessica Alba’s pushed-back updo is the one, push all the hair back and then give it a gentle front push for that slight puff. Next, tie it up at the back and kaboom!

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Adele's Royal Layered Updo Hair

Layers have always been the soul of any hairstyle but Adele here takes it another level with that tied-up updo with layers all over. The most important aspect of this style is to part is in multiple sides with layering it all over to nail this look. Plus, keep some fluff so those layers come out pretty obvious.

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Emma Stone with That Frosty Side Part

Two things, that neat frosty dye, and side-parted fringed top which is what makes this updo a look suitable to formal events or of course the met gala. Moreover, one would need some hair product to keep this in place.

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Keri Russell with Blonde Fringe Front

A very neat yet casual frizzy look by Keri. The key to this style is to bring all hair strands together on the top and on the sides and keep them at the back. Next, to make it trendy pull out a strand and fringe it on either side! That’s a fringed Updo for you.

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Kate Bosworth Bunning it Like Mohawk

Less is more and as we see here minimum effort results in this neat of an updo look. The key is to pull it all back with slight volume towards the top. That results in this bulge of a look that adds volume while not looking too intimidating.

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