30 Quick and Easy Updo Ideas for Formal Events

Let's pin that hair up and turn up the elegance meter


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The 1920s’ was the era of short hair and be it Hollywood or anywhere else, short hair was in the talks. That being said, it was when hairspray hit the market there were waves of innovative hairstyles that hit the trend.

Updo hairstyle is one of the many that became the next big thing, updo is a hairstyle with hair out of the face and tied up in the back so that it doesn’t fall off. That was a brief about the concept of updo, but it goes deeper than that. A lot of variations have been made to the original look with the different parting of the hair, different ways to tie it up, and much more.

We see up-do hairstyles mostly in events like weddings, formal gatherings, and of course, the red carpet! The whole vibe of up-do hair is quite formal but that being said once in a while it can look casual. Depending on how one’s tied up the hair it tells a lot about the approach and the tone of the overall hairstyle.

From Jennifer Aniston to Meghan Markle, we have compiled all sorts of updo hair that will give you enough inspiration to rock one for yourself.