50 Cute Short Hairstyles to Inspire Your Hair Makeover

Get inspired for the big chop!


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It’s hard not to admire a woman who can rock short hair. While long, luxuriant tresses always turn heads, we’re just as amazed when we see a woman with a perfectly styled short haircut. Aside from the fact that pixies, bobs, and other short ‘dos always look cool, we also think the ladies who sport them are brave for doing something that takes a lot of guts — chopping all their hair off.

Taking the leap from long to short is not easy, perhaps because many women think long hair is more versatile, elegant, or sexy. But we’re here to show you that short hairstyles can be just as varied and chic. Whether you’re looking for a casual, everyday look or a more formal, party-ready ‘do, whether your hair is straight, curly, or afro-textured, there’s a cute short style that you’ll fall in love with.

Ready for the big chop? Here are 50 short hairstyles to inspire you.