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50 Cute Short Hairstyles to Inspire Your Hair Makeover

Get inspired for the big chop!


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It’s hard not to admire a woman who can rock short hair. While long, luxuriant tresses always turn heads, we’re just as amazed when we see a woman with a perfectly styled short haircut. Aside from the fact that pixies, bobs, and other short ‘dos always look cool, we also think the ladies who sport them are brave for doing something that takes a lot of guts — chopping all their hair off.

Taking the leap from long to short is not easy, perhaps because many women think long hair is more versatile, elegant, or sexy. But we’re here to show you that short hairstyles can be just as varied and chic. Whether you’re looking for a casual, everyday look or a more formal, party-ready ‘do, whether your hair is straight, curly, or afro-textured, there’s a cute short style that you’ll fall in love with.

Ready for the big chop? Here are 50 short hairstyles to inspire you.

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Emilia Clarke's Short Half Updo

Even with such a short length to work with, there are a lot of cute ways to style this cut. Try a center-parted half updo like Emilia Clarke is wearing here, and add some volume to the crown for a touch of retro.

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Julianne Hough's Choppy Bob

Here, Julianne Hough teams choppy layers with waves for a short style that looks equal parts sweet and edgy.

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Christina Ricci's Short Wavy Cut with Bangs

Big waves are a great way of prettying up short hair. Christina Ricci has thin hair but her waves give the illusion of fullness. Plus, bangs are ideal for balancing out a wide forehead.

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Lindsay Ellingson's Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

Giving your short haircut an asymmetrical silhouette like Lindsay Ellingson’s results in a cool and ultra-modern look. The piecey texture also adds volume and dimension.

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Jourdan Dunn's Short Box Braids

If you want to wear your short hair in a protective style, try box braids like Jourdan Dunn’s. They look so cool, and the gold ribbons add an extra touch of cuteness.

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Carey Mulligan's Messy Short 'Do

Perhaps nothing could be more low-maintenance than the messy short ‘do. It has that deliberately unkempt appearance that still looks so stylish.

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Rose Byrne's Bob with Bangs

When it comes to cute short hairstyles, you can’t get more classic than this neat bob on Rose Byrne. Add bangs for a more youthful look.

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Taylor Hill's Subtly Wavy Bob

Taylor Hill’s bob looks casual yet sweet with its subtle waves and relaxed, piecey texture. Perfect for an easy everyday style.

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Maia Mitchell's Short Center-Parted 'Do

This short ‘do on Maia Mitchell looks pretty with a dose of edge thanks to the slightly messy texture and blunt ends. We think it’s ideal for a low-maintenance everyday style as well.

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Kate Mara's Slick Center-Parted Bob

For a short hairstyle that really grabs stares, pair a cool style with a stunning color. Here, Kate Mara is sporting a super slick bob with a middle part in a bleached blonde hue that’s hard to miss in a crowd!

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Maria Borges' Short Cornrows

Maria Borges shows us another example of short hair worn in a protective style. Cool and practical at the same time!

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Lea Seydoux's Center-Parted Bob

If you’re looking for a short hairstyle that’s a bit on the fancy side, try Lea Seydoux’s sculpted bob. It features a sleek top with a center part and curled-in ends, and we’re definitely getting vintage vibes from it.

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Caitriona Balfe's Short Slicked-Back 'Do

For a hairstyle that’s cute and edgy at the same time, try Caitriona Balfe’s slicked-back ‘do. It features a volumized top, pinned sides, and a wet-look finish.

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Paz Vega's Choppy Cut with Bangs

If you’re a fan of messy short ‘dos, here’s another look you might like. Paz Vega’s choppy layers and eye-grazing bangs are casual, edgy, and stylish — we’re feeling a rockstar vibe to this look.

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Constance Zimmer's Flippy Bob with Side Bangs

Make your bob a little more fun by giving it messy, flippy ends like Constance Zimmer’s. The side bangs look so cute and youthful as well.

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Meagan Good's Blunt Bob

If you’re not a fan of layers, try a blunt bob like Meagan Good’s. The height at the top, the swoop of hair down the brow, and the side tuck add a lot of character to this look.

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Jennifer Morrison's Graduated Wavy Cut

There’s nothing like a graduated cut to give your short hairstyle an ultra-modern look. Jennifer Morrison’s haircut features asymmetrical sides and a shorter back as well as piecey waves and an edgy blonde hue with dark roots — a gorgeous look overall.

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Jackie Cruz's Pixie with Choppy Bangs

Pixies are always cute but if you want to give yours a dose of edge, try choppy bangs like Jackie Cruz’s.

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Bella Heathcote's Short Wavy Cut

Short hair can totally come alive even with just a subtle wave. Keep your curling iron handy to achieve this look.

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Julia Garner's Messy Curls

This curly ‘do on Julia Garner is giving us Little Orphan Annie vibes. Or Shirley Temple. Either way, it’s adorable!

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Arizona Muse's Tousled Curly Bob

This bouncy bob on Arizona Muse is gorgeous. And the way she wears those curls tossed to the side looks so sexy.

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Mackenzie Davis' Half-Up Bob

Looking for a quick yet cute way to style your short hair? Try a texture half updo with an off-center part like Mackenzie Davis is wearing here. It’s easy to create yet so pretty.

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Nicky Whelan's Teased Crown

Give your short hair some sexy volume by teasing the crown. The result is an elegant style with a touch of retro to it.

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Kiersey Clemons' Curly Bob with Bangs

Curls and bangs certainly make a super cute combination as Kiersey Clemons proves here. The curls are voluminous and the fringe is rounded, and together they make a nice frame for her face.

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Nina Dobrev's Pinned Bob

A pretty hairstyle can look even cuter when you accessorize it. Here, Nina Dobrev is wearing a wavy bob that she’s adorned with a bejeweled pin (and it complements her outfit perfectly, too).

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Kaia Gerber's Messy Bob

Kaia Gerber proves that messy hair can look so cute with this tousled bob. We’re also loving that bright blonde dye job with dark roots.

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January Jones' Retro Half Updo

Moving on now to the ’60s, why not try a teased crown and flipped ends for some retro flavor to your look? January Jones’ half updo certainly makes old school feel so cool!

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Cate Blanchett's Flipped Bob

A bob will always be classic and pretty, and that little flip at the ends of Cate Blanchett’s hair definitely adds an extra dose of cuteness. This look is so effortlessly chic and low-maintenance, too.

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Michelle Williams' Pixie Cut

When it comes to cute short hairstyles, it’s hard to beat the pixie cut. And when it comes to pixie cuts, Michelle Williams reigns supreme. There’s a reason she’s sported this style for more than a decade — it’s so adorable!

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Yara Shahidi's Natural Bob with Bangs

We’ve always admired Yara Shahidi for embracing her natural hair. Here, she’s wearing it in a curly bob with wispy bangs. So sassy!

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Claire Foy's Short Layered Bob

The layering on Claire Foy’s bob gives it a nice texture and lots of volume. We also love how she’s styled it with a deep side part and a teased top for added dimension.

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Viola Davis' Curly Bob

Viola Davis’ bob looks super sweet thanks to those perfectly sculpted curly ends. This definitely makes for a youthful and ultra-feminine look.

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Lucy Boynton's Short Wavy Style

Lucy Boynton looks absolutely darling wearing this short ‘do with big, billowy waves. The glowing blonde balayage looks stunning as well.

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Naomi Watts' Layered Bob

A great way to give your bob a more modern feel is by going for a layered style like Naomi Watts’. The choppy silhouette definitely adds a nice texture.

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Lupita Nyong'o's Natural Faux Hawk

Lupita Nyong’o is equal parts cute and edgy wearing this natural faux hawk. What a gorgeous showcase of her afro texture!

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Winnie Harlow's Blonde Pixie

Winnie Harlow looks super cool wearing this thick blonde pixie cut with eye-grazing bangs. Swipe to see another angle.

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Daisy Ridley's Pin-Up Bob

If you’re a fan of vintage styles, try Daisy Ridley’s pin-up bob that looks straight out of the ’50s. It’s definitely an elegant way to wear short hair.

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Coco Rocha's Short Side-Parted 'Do

Coco Rocha’s ‘do is all about understated elegance with its soft wavy silhouette. We love the side tuck and the dramatic swoop of hair across the forehead.

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Eiza Gonzalez's Voluminous Curly Bob

For a bob that really stuns, give it massive volume like Eiza Gonzalez’s. The result is a beautiful windswept style that looks totally red carpet-worthy!

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Michelle Dockery's Poofy Bob

This bob on Michelle Dockery has a nice round shape, a feathery texture, and lots of volume and bounce. Keep your volumizing products and hairdryer handy to achieve this ‘do.

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Elizabeth Debicki's Sweet Side-Parted Bob

Elizabeth Debicki looks so sweet and youthful with her short side-parted bob. The curled-in ends, wavy side, and ear tuck all make for a very cute hairstyle.

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Christina Hendricks' Short Waves

If you have naturally wavy hair, here’s a casual short haircut that is easy to maintain. It requires minimal product and styling but looks so pretty.

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Ginnifer Goodwin's Side-Swept Pixie

This style on Ginnifer Goodwin is such an elegant way to wear a pixie cut. It looks so neat with its slick side-swept fringe, and the teased crown adds some dimension and volume.

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Olivia Culpo's Side-Parted Curls

If you want to go the glamorous route with your short hair, try Olivia Culpo’s curls. It features a side part, bangs swooping over one eyebrow, and curly ends for a totally party-ready look.

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Rowan Blanchard's Retro Flip

Rowan Blanchard channels the ’60s with this short flipped ‘do. It’s such a cute way to wear a retro style without looking too old-fashioned.

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Rashida Jones' Flipped 'Do with Wispy Bangs

For another variation on the flip, your can wear it shorter with wispy eye-grazing bangs. Rashida Jones has fine hair and the flip at the ends definitely adds a cute shape and character to it.

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Emma Roberts' Vintage Curls

Emma Roberts looks vintage-glam with her elegantly styled short curly ‘do. It has a deep side part and big, bouncy curls down the ends for a look that has a Grace Kelly vibe to it.

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Gillian Anderson's Textured Bob

Here’s an example of how adding waves and layers results in a gorgeous high-volume bob. This texture paired with the blonde balayage certainly makes for a vibrant style.

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Isabela Moner's Short Bouncy Curls

Isabela Moner gives us her version of bedhead with this mussed-up curly ‘do. Messy hair has never looked so cute!

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Camren Bicondova's Short Curls with Bangs

Camren Bicondova’s unruly curls look downright darling. Perfect for a get-up-and-go hairstyle!

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