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21 Trendy Curtain Bangs With Layers For Your Next Makeover

The infamous haircut of the 60s and 70s with a modern twist!


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From British style icon Alexa Chung to (literally) your girl next door Zooey Deschanel, curtain bangs with layers have earned their place in both Millenials and Gen Z’ers. Even Ariana Grande, queen of the high ponytail, has sported it – and this brings us to two key points.

One, this look is versatile and goes well with any face shape and hair length (we’re talking about anything from long hair with layers to curly hair to a pixie or a bob). The haircut is also easy to achieve and even easier to maintain. Why do you think it was the go-to haircut during the quarantine period?

If you’ve been living under a rock and you don’t know what curtain bangs with layers are, these are bangs (fringe) that can be parted in the center, on the side, or basically anywhere. The effect is like opening a curtain. And the bangs are usually not straight and are cut in layers. Though its origin can be traced back to France, it’s definitely not just worn there.

Here are 21 haircuts and styles that go well with curtain bangs for you to choose from and try for your next hair makeover.

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