40 New Curly Hairstyles Variations (Celebrities Edition)

Curly hair is a gift when styled right!


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Having curly hair can be a struggle sometimes but if one knows how to style it the perfect way then it certainly becomes a blessing. Curly hair can sometimes be more attractive as it is not quite common to spot one, but it can look prettier if it is taken care of perfectly. Now, let’s discuss different types of curly hairstyles

Short Length Curly Hairstyles

The first instinct when one has curly hair texture is to cut it short which is not wrong but there are few more elements that elevate the look even more. For example, one can have a cheeky updo or bun it up to keep it very controlled whereas if you are the one with a thick texture let cut it neck length and let that fluff do its charm.

Medium Length Curly Hairstyles

Medium length when one rests the hair on the shoulder and to be honest, it is quite common to spot this hairstyle. The first thing to note here is that parting is quite important as it organizes hair in a better way and gives it a little direction to grow. Parting it in middle gives a very neat look and removes that fluff from the top whereas parting on the side might give chances to have fringe on bangs.

Long Length Curly Hairstyles

The elite of the elite, longer length is something that is hard to manage hence we don’t spot it quite often but if you are the one who is looking forward to rocking this one then consider layering it a little. Having two layers is pretty optimum as it removes that dense volume while keeping it long enough. Next, one can consider tying it up when possible!

Now that we have enough prep talk done, let’s check out some examples and inspiration from celebrities to see what suits your style more.

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