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Celeb-Approved Androgynous Hairstyles You’ll Love

All the androgynous hair inspo you need is right here!


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Chopping all your hair off is a hard decision to make. But what are you afraid of, really? As a kid, you were probably told you’d look like a boy if you cut your hair short, but it’s time you got rid of that way of thinking. There are lots of cool androgynous hairstyles that suit all genders, and you could be missing out on a really chic look if you don’t at least explore these options.

For some androgynous hair inspo, look no further than today’s most famous celebs. Kristen Stewart, Ruby Rose, and Katy Perry, among other fabulous hair chameleons, have all rocked androgynous ‘dos, from pixies to buzz cuts and faux hawks. Take a look at the photos we’ve gathered below — you might just find yourself booking a hair appointment to get one of these looks.