40 Stunning Celebrity Burgundy Hair Color Ideas For Your Next ‘Do

Take cue from this gorgeous hue!


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If you’re ready to take your hair color to the next level, you can’t go wrong with the stylish shade of burgundy. An exquisite blend of red, purple and brown, burgundy complements almost all skin tones while offering a dramatic contrast.

Think of a rich, red wine much like a Merlot, this stunning color brings a heavy dose of fun and edgy drama for the adventurous, but also a classy, sophisticated vibe for those wanting an understated yet stylish look. This versatile hair color brings a variety of hues to choose from, with plenty of style options too! Whether you dye your hair a deep burgundy hue or add on some bright purple highlights for a dramatic look, the options are endless.

Browse through our gallery to see celebrities rocking their burgundy hair colors to inspire your next ‘do