Men don’t really enjoy shaving. Instead, they prefer to let their facial hair grow as nature has intended it to be. For most men, a wild beard appears after a month or so of not shaving. Sometimes, that means a braid or two is needed to manage the facial hair.

Braid beard

Thick Beard with Braids

After a beard gets to be a certain thickness, it only grows outwards. To curb this problem, a low braid under the chin can help keep things in check.

Braided beard

Thick, Wavy Beard

Beards sometimes go wild and the only way to contain them is to pull them in and braid them. Adding a clasp to the braid gives it just a little more style.

Braided Beard
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Mustache & Chin Beard Braid

Sometimes less is more. A chin beard that is long and unsightly can be made palatable by just adding a small braid.

Curly Dense Beard with Macho Braid
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Curly Dense Beard: Macho Braid

A lot of times, beard braids are needed. But sometimes, when your beard is big and burly enough, a braid is just added to look ultramasculine.

French Beard with Braid

French Beard with Braid

If you ever wanted to look like a professional wrestler on the tail-end of their career, the French beard with a braid is for you.

Rugged Braided Beard with Long Hair

Rugged Braided Beard & Long Hair

Long hair and braided beards go together like peanut butter and jelly. This double braid on the beard is almost exactly the length of his long locks.

Twin Knot braids

Twin Knot Braids

The shaved head gives emphasis to the beard here, which in turn looks great braided with a few strands of gray twisted in. The tattoos are just the icing on the cake.

Well Tapered Genie Braid
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Well Tapered Genie Braid

For the man who loves changing his facial hair constantly, the genie braid is a sure-fire way to get attention. Here, it matches the long mustache, the lightly filled in beard, and the low fade. 

Mature Jungled Braid

Mature Jungled Braid

Have you ever felt like you wanted to look like you spent a few years on a deserted island? If so, the look you have been searching for is the mature jungle braid.

Unified Knot Crowded Beard

Unified Knot Crowded Beard

Many men take pride in the length and girth of their facial hair. So when going big, why not add a knot on the bottom just to unify the whole look?

Happy Go Lucky Moustache with Braided Beard

Happy Go Lucky Moustache with Braided Beard

This look puts a smile on almost anyone’s face. When you get to this level with facial hair, it’s time to start thinking about beard and mustache competitions.