How to Braid Your Beard? (2022 Braided Beard Trends)

Why only braid the hair when you can braid the beard!


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Be it French Braided Beard or a Long Braided Beard, they all have something in common: they stand out in the crowd. Usually, facial hair is something that people don’t consider styling but that’s exactly why braided beard has been getting a lot of attention lately as it in itself is a style. Second;y, using props like beads makes it pop even more and gives it a more rugged feel.

The process to grow one is quite easy but needs a tad of patience. To have a braided beard, one has to start with growing a long beard, and if it is thick, that’s even better. To keep in mind, if you are looking for a French Braided Beard, that means your facial hair near the chin has to be longer than the rest as the French version of braided beard means braiding your hair chin down.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a fuller beard and then braid a part of it then go ahead and grow a fuller beard with equally long strands and thickness. Let that mustache grow as well as it provides a great anchor for the face.

What’s next you ask? Well, you’ve done the work, now check out inspirations below and check out for yourself which style you wish to rock!

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