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Braid Barbers: Established Artists of The Barber’s Craft

An authentic regulars' spot for the top-notch hair cuts and bravest hair experiments

At Haircut Inspiration, we’re always appreciative of barbershops that go the extra mile. To us, these barbershops represent constant innovation in the world of men’s hair and deserve time in the spotlight.

One of these cutting edge barbershops is Braid Barbers, based in the UK. If you’ve looked around Haircut Inspiration, you’ve seen what they can do, as we regularly feature their photos.

They began their legacy in 1970, and since then, they’ve stayed at the forefront of the hair scene. This year, they won the prestigious Best Barber 2016 award at the English Hair & Beauty Awards, a testament to their devotion and attention to the craft.

Braid Barbers specialize in all types of haircuts, from classic cuts to trending styles, making them a particularly versatile option for UK-based hair aficionados. Their men’s styles are cut and styled with care at their three locations (Milton Keynes, Leamington Spa, and Banbury). You can ask for classic styles like the pompadour, something basic like a timeless side part haircut, or a more contemporary style like a quiff with a hard part. The barbers stay up to date with the newest styles and are trained in the classics as well.

Braid handles contemporary styles especially well. Skin fades, hard parts, texturizing––they can do it all and much more. If you walk into Braid Barbers, you’re bound to walk out with unbelievably stylish hair. They use the finest of products (including vanilla mango beard oil!) and will work with you to find a style that suits your personality. Braid Barbers is the type of barbershop that will keep you coming back with its pleasant atmosphere and unparalleled results.

Braid Barbers has consistently made a name for itself over the last 46 years, and they remain one of the UK’s most prestigious barbershops. When it comes to dedication and skill, few UK barbers can match the caliber that Braid has set forth. It’s this commitment to high quality hair care that made them stand out to us, and we’re proud to feature them on Haircut Inspiration.

If you’re UK-based and can make it to one of their locations, we highly recommend doing so. Their cuts are also affordable, so you’re getting world-class hair care at a fantastic price. You might find Braid becoming your regular barbershop.

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