Blonde Balayage Ideas to Inspire Your Next Hair Color

Brighten up your look with one of these balayage styles!


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When it comes to trendy hairstyles and colors, “balayage” is a word we hear a lot. Every famous celebrity seems to have it, but what is it exactly? Balayage is a French word that translates to “sweeping.” In hair styling, it’s a technique used to apply color in such a way that the result looks smooth and natural, unlike the harsh, stripe-y highlights of the ’90s.

A blonde balayage is a great way to inject a bright glow into your hair color. Whether you’re a blonde who wants to add dimension to your natural hue or a brunette looking for that sun-kissed shine, a balayage can give you the color of your dreams.

Read on for some chic blonde balayage inspo.