Not Only For The Rebellious: Bleached Hair for Men

Go for broke, go for bold, go for blond


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For the most part, all fashion, whether wardrobe, footwear or hair-wear, is all about striking that balance between congruity, and contrast. An overall look must have cohesion, of course, but there are many ways to get there.

Most people opt for mostly complementary motifs that work with their natural features, and for good reason, but sometimes we’re compelled to go in the other direction. Why should you be limited by the hair color your inherited from your folks?

Ancient Celtic tribesmen would bleach their long flowing manes to intimidate Roman legionnaires, who thought they looked like forest demons. All they had at their disposal was wood ash and vinegar! In this modern age with all its accouterments we can easily modify nearly anything we want to, so why not our locks as well? It’s time to break out the peroxide and get experimental!