30 Red Carpet Braided Hairstyles Ideas for Your Next Look

Crown or plaits, Braids never go out of Style!


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You would be surprised to hear that braiding is one of those ancient hairstyles that originated around 5000 years ago in 3500 BC. Braiding as we see now is a hairstyle but that is not how it started, braiding was more than a hairstyle, it was considered as an art piece.

What are the popular types of Braid?

Braided hairstyles are one of those statements that have its casual version, wedding version, serious version and so many more. Braid is that element that blends in almost all occasions. Some common variations of braids are Box Braids, French Braid, Lemonade Braid, Dutch Braid, etc

Dutch Braids are one of the common ones where the braiding starts on the top of the head and continues all the way till the end. Lemonade Braids are the ones with shaved sides with patterns due to undercutting and Braided ponytails are those fancy Ariana Grande style look.

How do you rock Braids?

Braids are nothing but weaving done on the hair. The hair texture be it afro, thick or thin decides the feel of the braid. Sometimes the weaving starts on top of the head or some start from the middle so different length gives a neat vibe to it.

Sometimes dying with more than one color makes it very modern and pops like nothing else.

We have compiled these inspirations for you straight from the red carpet, straight from Hollywood to your screen!