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5 Tips to Maintaining Your Manly Mane

To keep your manly mane in tip top shape

When you first began to take your beard seriously and grow it out you likely didn’t realize the maintenance involved. Your beard requires maintenance just like the hair on your head. However, the process is a bit different.

We’ve got a couple of tips for you to keep your manly mane in tip top shape. You’ve taken the time to grow out such a beauty and now is the time to nurture and take care of it.

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When Should You Start Beard Maintenance?

Before we jump into our beard tips let’s talk about when you should really begin to focus on maintenance. If you’re just now considering growing a beard out this section is for you as well.

Take a moment to consider your beard goals and the stage you’re currently at. If you’re just looking for a little facial hair such as a small goatee, Vandyke, or a thin beard then your growing stage is quicker and maintenance easier.

Thin beard
Thin beard

If you’re wanting the common full beard or something larger it’s an entirely different process.

For the first example, you don’t require much effort and can generally maintain your facial hair with a decent trimmer. If you fall into the second group it’s recommended to begin using a good beard oil early in the beginning throughout your growth stage.

The real maintenance begins after what I like to call the “hobo beard”. That’s the phase where you’re only focusing on growing your beard out. During this phase don’t focus on any trimming and only allow your beard to grow. Then when you’re ready to trim your beard to the style you want the active maintenance stage kicks in.

That’s what leads us to our following tips.

5 Tips to Maintaining Beard Excellence

You’ve defeated the stages of beard growth including beard itch and the “hobo beard” stage. It’s now time to focus on maintaining what you’ve achieved and make sure you can keep it.

1. Showering

Don’t wash your beard every single day. You should wash your beard 2-3 times per week. Also, make sure you’re using an actual beard shampoo. The normal shampoo is bad for your beard and will cause split ends. Lastly, don’t always wash your beard with super-hot water but instead lukewarm most of the time.

2. Beard Oil

If you’ve never used it before you may think you don’t need it. However, once you give it a show you’ll realize just how powerful beard oil can be. Pick some up and use it! Apply beard oil after taking a shower and a little before going to bed. The bigger the beard the more drops it’ll take to oil your beard. Also, if you’re in harsh weather you may need to reapply mid-day.

3. Beard Combs

Beard combs are great for styling your beard. Not only do they help style your beard but it’ll help get beard oil in all the right places. Once you’ve got a decent beard it can be more difficult to get beard oil to the base of your beard. Using a comb will help move the oil deeper and allow it to be more effective. Make sure to not over comb out of habit. Combing your beard too frequently can cause adverse effects.

4. Massaging

Massaging the skin under your beard is a very healthy habit. It encourages blood flow and gives you a stronger healthier beard. This is something you can do in the shower. It has the same positive effects as massage your scalp.

5. Diet & Exercise

Ok, so I don’t want to sound cliché here but it’s true. Diet and exercise will help you maintain your beard and give it some much-needed nutrients. Eating foods rich in protein such as fish and nuts is a good way to do this. Protein helps build muscle and combined with exercise your body produces more testosterone and that’s the key ingredient for a healthier beard.

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I hope you enjoyed my 5 tips for maintaining your manly mane. Beards take patience and dedication to reach their full potential and even picking up 2 of these tips will help you begin moving in the right direction. Thank you for reading!

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